List Building Series

New online marketing techniques come and go but the tried and true email list remains the biggest asset an online business owner can have. In this series you will learn how to set everything up using ActiveCampaign.


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Getting Started in ActiveCampaign
A quick intro video to explain the benefits of ActiveCampaign. If you are currently using a different program or considering what your options are, watch this video first to learn about the powerful features ActiveCampaign offers and why it’s the email service provider I recommend for both new and established businesses.

Setting Up Site Tracking
Every email service provider gives you data on how your subscribers interact with the emails you send them – open rates, clicks, shares – but not all give you the ability to see what individual subscribers do on your site after they click through. This feature is called Site Tracking in ActiveCampaign and it’s extremely useful for marketers. This video shows you how to setup Site Tracking for your website.

Creating Lists
Before you signup your first subscriber or send your first email you need to create your lists. Having a strategy to do this makes it easier to manage your lists as your business grows and ensures that subscribers are always getting the most relevant information at the right time.

Creating Forms
Learn how to create list optin forms in ActiveCampaign and add them to your website and Facebook account.

Creating Forms Using the BLOOM Plugin
Expand the capabilities of optin forms on your website using the BLOOM WordPress plugin from Elegant Themes. Combining ActiveCampaign and BLOOM is an easy way to have professional looking forms on your WordPress site with all of the list management features you could ever want.

Tagging Contacts
ActiveCampaign has a feature that allows you to “tag” subscribers based on their interests and behaviors. Learn how to use this tool to create targeted lists of customers and prospects that you can then send personalized email campaigns to.

Email Personalization
Testing shows that personalized emails significantly outperform non-personalized emails. See what tools ActiveCampaign has to help you increase your open and response rates by making your emails more relevant to your prospects.

Sending Email Campaigns
Learn about the 6 different types of email campaigns in ActiveCampaign and watch step-by-step how to create each one. These videos are posted separately so you can easily find the information you need for the specific type of campaign you are sending.

Creating Landing Pages
A popular – and very effective – list building strategy is to give prospects a “freebie” in exchange for their email address. This video shows you how to create a landing page where you can promote the freebie and provide a form for prospects to request it.

Distributing Your Freebies
If you are offering a freebie that is digital, you will need a way to distribute it. In this video you will learn about several options for hosting your freebie and how to direct your prospects to it.

Automating Your Email Marketing
This is where the magic happens!  Learn how to use the ActiveCampaign automation tools to have your entire sales funnel – from initial signup to post-purchase thank you email – run entirely on its own.