Website Setup Series

Ready to set up your new site? These videos will help you get familiar with WordPress and the DIVI theme by Elegant Themes. Even if you are not planning on using the DIVI theme these videos will help you gain a better understanding of WordPress and how it works.



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Site Hosting & WordPress Installation
First things first, you will need to purchase a hosting account and install WordPress. The service I recommend for this is SiteGround. They offer WordPress specific hosting which includes installation and a free SSL Certificate (something you absolutely need – watch the video to learn why). It doesn’t get an easier than that.

WordPress Backend Tour
Take a look around the backend of the WordPress admin area and learn the important features. These videos explain themes, plugins, posts vs. pages and the media library.

Installing the DIVI Theme
If you are creating a new site with DIVI you will use it as your site’s THEME. In this video we go through the setup process.

Theme Switcha Plugin
This WordPress plugin is useful if you are switching from one WordPress theme to another. Simply install the plugin and you – as the admin – can make changes in the new theme while visitors to the site keep seeing the old theme.

DIVI Builder Plugin
The DIVI Builder plugin is like a “light” version of the DIVI Theme. It’s for sites that are already set up on a theme and don’t want to switch to DIVI, but do want the easy-to-use functionality of the DIVI Builder. This video shows you how to install the DIVI builder on any theme.

Keeping DIVI Updated
As with all themes, DIVI needs to be updated as new versions are released. Because DIVI is a paid theme you need to do some setup so those updates will happen automatically and you won’t miss one. This video walks you through setting up automatic updates.

Installing Plugins + The Most Important Ones
Plugins add functionality to your WordPress website. Because WordPress is open source (meaning anyone can access the underlying code to create new features and functions), there are thousands of plugins available to do almost anything you could ever want. In this video you will learn how to install plugins on your site and see the ones that are recommended for all sites.

Setting Up Google Analytics
Even if you don’t yet know how to use Google Analytics, it’s recommended that you install it as soon as you set up your website. That way visitors are being tracked from the beginning and when you are ready to dive in and learn about it, you will have lots of data to work with.

Website Security
Learn how to keep your WordPress website safe from hackers.